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AMMUTRITION™ entered into the industry in early 2009 releasing a small but precise range of supplements specifically designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to increase performance, aid recovery and improve overall well being. Since then AMMUTRITION™ has grown into one of the most popular and talked about underground brands in the UK.

Staying out of the commercial spotlight for so long yet supporting the dietary requirements of high profile professional athletes, celebrities and models with quality effective supplements for so many years, it was only a matter of time before AMMUTRITION™ was pulled into the mainstream through word of mouth and began to be recognized as a dominant force in the sports nutrition sector.

AMMUTRITION™ until 2016 remained completely underground, all of our customers simply purchased based on recommendation and educated research on the brand, we have had no need to promote, over hype or force the brand down peoples necks and this simply comes down to customers becoming fed up of using ineffective, overpriced, generic brands for so long. We offer a precise range that will specifically provide you with what you need to achieve results. We are focused on bringing new products to market the moment the research and development has proven its effectiveness. Meaning if it’s worth having then chances are its being produced by AMMUTRITION™ and if its not effective? Well then that’s the reason we don’t have it!

Enough about what we do right and so many are doing wrong the bottom line is AMMUTRITION™ products speak for themselves the first time you try any of our protein based products you’ll notice its smooth texture and delicious taste making you question if it’s even a protein shake (we randomly batch test our protein based products to guarantee its levels how many others can say the same?). When you take a product that claims to increase strength & power believe us in 2 week’s you’ll be breaking personal bests then its time to join the AMMUTRITION™ REVOLUTION and help overthrow the old inferior brands brain washing those not in the know. So support the movement and do someone a favor and introduce them to the future of sports nutrition AMMUTRITION™.

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Once submitted your profile will be amongst the many athletes looking to become a featured athlete and win £100 of free supplements, exclusive insider pricing for 12 months, receive clothing and new product samples before release and of course a chance to become a paid athlete!

Each month 1 Female or Male athlete will be selected to represent the brand as a featured athlete and become part of the movement.

Everyone that joins THE MOVEMENT will receive a t-shirt, free sample and an exclusive welcome pack.